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To put it simply, we are dog lovers. 


Our love for community and K9s drive us to make Mesquite better for our four legged family members. This desire propelled us to develop The Bark Foundation. Click through below to meet our Board of Directors.

Karl Cossey

Board President

At the suggestion of a friend, Karl relocated to Mesquite approximately 13 years ago.  A recent widower, the move was a fresh start for him.  Karl and Anna were introduced by mutual friends in 2014, and married in 2015. 

Karl has had pets of all kinds during most of his life.  From raising chickens, selling eggs, to the recent addition of the big eared lovable donkeys.  He is a lover of all creatures large and small.  His big heart for animals, however, is directed to dogs. 

His focus is toward working closely with the organizations in place, We Care for Animals and Mesquite Animal Shelter and any other facility in need.  Karl appreciates that as one person he is unable to help them all. The love for Dogs is primary, and Mesquite has been lacking in amenities for dogs. His goal is to provide a great many enrichment activities for them.  



The Bark Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of dogs and their owners in our community. Our mission is to promote the well-being, health, and happiness of dogs through education, advocacy, and the development of local resources.

We believe that dogs are invaluable members of our families and society, deserving of love, care, and respect. Our organization strives to create a community where every dog has a safe and loving home, and every owner has the knowledge and resources to provide for their furry companions' needs.

Collaboration and community engagement are at the core of our approach. We actively partner with local organizations and dog-related businesses to create a strong support network. Together, we work towards finding loving homes for homeless dogs, promoting adoption, and organizing community events that celebrate the joy and companionship dogs bring to our lives.

Recognizing the importance of outdoor spaces and recreational resources for dogs, we have taken up the mission to build better parks and recreation facilities specifically tailored to the needs of the local dog community. Our intention is to create safe and vibrant spaces where dogs can socialize, exercise, and thrive, while fostering a sense of community among their owners. We collaborate closely with local authorities, city planners, and dog enthusiasts to identify areas in need of improvement and advocate for the development of dog-friendly parks and amenities. Through fundraising efforts, grants, and community partnerships, we aim to transform underutilized spaces into inviting and well-maintained parks that provide dogs with a stimulating environment and promote responsible pet ownership. By investing in the creation of these inclusive spaces, The Bark Foundation seeks to strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners, promote physical and mental well-being, and ultimately enhance the overall quality of life for the local dog community.

The Bark Foundation envisions a community where every dog is cherished, healthy, and treated with kindness and respect. Our mission is to create a society that values the well-being of dogs and supports their owners in providing the best possible care. Through our efforts, we aim to improve the lives of dogs and their owners, one wagging tail at a time.

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